2019 Calendar

2019 Calendar


Beyond all the hustling around, when was the last time that you sat down fully focus on yourself, take delight in the beautiful and meaningful life that is right in front of you and be thankful for the tiniest things.

This calendar is meant to nudge and encourage you on toward an intentional lifestyle, memento each moment with a grateful heart and be inspired to set time for yourself – your emotions and dreams.

You’ll find:

  • Monthly prompts to help you dig deep

  • Inspiring quotes for every month

  • Minimal layout with sections for monthly focuses, reflections and plans

  • Two gold foil sticker sheets

Sunday - Saturday Format.

Option to choose with Brass Double Spiral Binding or Metallic Binder Clip.

Calendar measures approximately 15 x 21 cm (A5). Luxurious Gold Foiled covers with premium 200gsm inner paper stock.

Any reproduction will be infringing Singapore Copyright Law.

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