2017 Calendar (Limited Edition)

2017 Calendar (Limited Edition)


Sometimes it's the smallest things that bring so much joy to our lives. 

This enhanced version of our 2017 calendar encapsulates the themes of gratitude, intentional living, contentment and courage. Put pen to paper and celebrate with a grateful heart.

Here's my wish for you to lead a purposeful 2017 - a year of gratitude from your heart. 


  • Twelve monthly calendar
  • Gratitude journaling sheet (on the back of each month)
  • TWO Exclusive art prints as your daily mantra
  • Monthly inspirational quotes
  • (theme: gratitude & courage)
  • Minimalistic Copper clip
  • Bonus gift (shhhh)
  • Measures approximately 15 x 21 cm. Printed on premium 250gsm paper stock.

    Alternatively, you can get the 2017 Calendar download here

    Any reproduction not for personal use or for sale or distribution will be infringing Singapore Copyright Law.

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