2017 Calendar

2017 Calendar


If you have been following from our beginnings, you would have witnessed our transformation – from a tiny patterned
– from a tiny patterned calendar, to a still tiny gratitude and polka dot hand printed calendar (that honestly took a toll on my arms),
to today’s or rather, the coming year’s big printable!
A limited run of an enhanced calendar (physical copy) is now available here.


2017 Calendar Cover

Inspiration & Process

In the past two years, I have constantly received requests to offer bigger-sized calendars or at least one with more writing space for notes. Everyone has different planning and working styles. Even for myself, the way I get my weeks and days organised changes according to the workload.

So you know, when I write down every single detail and item to be done it is a huge signal that I am really busy (and probably stressed with my mind messed up). Versatility became an important factor when conceptualising the calendar.

2017 Calendar

Be Grateful

Being thankful and intentional in living is a virtue and I would like to continue on in encouraging such a wonderful habit. Reflecting upon my own thought process when filling up my gratitude lines and prayers every night, I became aware of some prompts that constantly helped me to recall and remember the moments … thus included them in.

You may be wondering why is there a section on quotes. You need not be reading a book but in you everyday life, you must have heard someone say something or a sentence that shouts out to you when you scroll through social media. These quotes strike a chord with us because we were able to relate to it. And whenever you come across this quote, it summons that moment back to you. Good or bad, being thankful about it is key.


What is included?

Twelve monthly calendar
Gratitude journaling
To-do list
Exclusive art print (frame it!)
Monthly inspirational quotes
(theme: gratitude & courage)

    With the calendar you can

    • While this calendar is best printed on A4 paper, you can resize it, save it as your desktop or phone wallpaper.
    • Type in your appointments, notes, and important dates before printing.
    • You can always print again if you happen to mess it up.
    • Do a daily, weekly, or monthly reflection and gratitude journaling according to your preference (I’d prefer monthly though, just me)
    • To-do list includes two light lines that help to segregate into three columns, so you can fit the whole less-busy week onto one sheet. 
      Otherwise, it is light enough for you to ignore it and use up the whole list!


    This calendar is best printed on A4 paper.

    Please refer to the printing instructions provided in the files.

    Too busy to print, or wished to gift it to your loved ones, or even just keeping it as a keepsake?
    A smaller version of the calendar is available here – limited edition of 30 sets only, hand bound.

    Please note this download is for personal use only (i.e. one person only, no sharing).

    Any reproduction not for personal use or for sale or distribution will be infringing Singapore Copyright Law.


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