Holiday Gift Guide


Streets were lined up with decorations, shops were blasting Christmas carols, you cannot deny (why did you even try!) that my favourite time of the year is finally here.

Put aside the thought that the year had zoomed passed once again, but enjoy this season of joy and giving.

This is the third Christmas since the beginnings of Mint & Ordinary and I have finally got myself to create a gift guide for you all.  Or honestly, I should say, finally I have managed to get it out in time. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday coming right up, I have gathered a mix of my favourite brands, artists and items for you and broken the guide into a few different themes.  

We are not going too big on the event sales this year but as always, some specials will be up. I am so much looking forward to package up all of your special orders, for you and your loved ones. So here we go ... 

gift guide 2018 A.jpg

for the creative


Exploring various mediums and skills always energises the creative mind. Surely not forget to keep them organised and motivated.

1. Redoute. Selection of the Most Beautiful Flowers by Pierre-Joseph Redoute shop here

2. Notary Ceramics (all the beautiful ceramics and great for styling) shop here

3. Be Fearless and Do What You Love Print shop here

4. 2018 Calendar + Styling Set shop here

5. Letter Stamp Set (versatile use for all kinds of crafts) shop here

gift guide 2018 B.jpg

for the home-body



Keep the home environment to its tip-top comfortability with some self-care.

1. The Future Is In Our Hands French Print shop here

2. Sonos One Smart Speaker shop here

3. The Beauty Chef by Carla Oates shop here

4. Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle shop here


gift guide 2018 C.jpg

for her


Here & there, definitely one thing is for the modern her.

1. Mejuri accessories shop here

2. Kartotek Copenhagen Weekly Planner shop here

3. Pose Two Tiered Jewelry Tray shop here

4. Reflections by Melissa Selmin shop here

5. Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Boosting Ampoule shop here