a fresh purpose exists within every ordinary episode of life
— Mint & Ordinary

Mint & Ordinary is a hand-lettering + paper goods studio based in Singapore. 

With a desire to deliver meaning and inspiration into people’s life, Mint & Ordinary was established with the belief that a fresh purpose exists within every ordinary episode of life. Stories and moments are best expressed through the art of handwritten words. Started off as hand illustrations by Janne, the owner & founder, using ink + brush, every collection designed was well thought of and created with the modern you in mind.



Janne is a self-taught brush letterer with an obsession for purposeful simplicity in everything she does. With a brush, a bottle of ink and a love for paper and making things for loved ones that began when she was little, she letters, paints, creates and let herself be captivated by the therapeutic power of each brush stroke and drop of ink. She is inspired by both the complexity and simplicity in the rituals and gestures of daily life and seeks to infuse them with purpose and values – reflecting in her works - inspired by life.